What Is The Best Type Of Mattress?

Which type of mattress is best?

Mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support so that your sleep is both comfortable and recuperative. Research from The better Sleep Council shows that people sleep better, suffer less back pain and experience fewer symptoms of stress when sleeping on newer beds. In general, your sleep quality improves if your sleep surface relieves pressure on joints and other areas of the body.  Matching your specific comfort needs with the right product is a very subjective process.

Memory Foam has long been stated to be the best for pressure point relief. Individually pocketed coil systems are also well known for support due to support at multiple pressure points. Recently Hybrid mattresses have been popular due to combining the benefits of both individually pocketed coils and memory foam. And very recently, a new foam has been introduced to the market and research indicates that it has 4 times the pressure point relief of memory foam mattresses. This new foam is called 3C Foam. You will want to ask a sleep specialist about this when shopping for your next mattress.

If you haven’t shopped for a mattress lately, you may be overwhelmed by all the varieties and choices to choose from. If you are not getting high quality sleep, you will not only notice being tired but will also have higher stress levels, back and joint pain and lower productivity while awake. If your mattress is seven years or older, it may be beneficial to purchase a new mattress. It is recommended to try out all the types available prior to purchasing a mattress to find the one suitable to your needs. Quality varies greatly so don’t be fooled by low quality materials. Trying out the mattress is best test and make sure you are getting a good warranty. Even if you never use the warranty, it is a good indication of quality if the manufacturer stands behind the product.

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