The new Harmony Luxury Super Pillow Top has just arrived to our Slidell Mattress Store!  This mattress is one you really have to try out.

This ultra comfortable mattress features Advanced 3C foam that has 4x more pressure reduction than Memory Foam mattresses.  The 3C foam also reduces motion transfer for individualized peaceful sleep and is temperature neutral for quicker body heat transfer.

The Harmony also features High Density Microcoils that also add to the individualized comfort and support.  You all remember the old commercial with the bowling ball and the glass of wine?  Well that was the individually pocketed coils like featured in the Harmony Luxury Super Pillow Top.

One step above the Tranquil (the other new edition to the luxury mattress lineup), is the Dual Reaction Foam for responsive support.  This gives the mattress faster response and bounce back than memory foam mattresses.  It also is self-adjusting thus contouring to key pressure areas.  An added benefit of the dual reaction foam  is that it always sleeps cool with constant airflow, another advantage over traditional memory foam mattresses.

This superior mattress also features the latest in technology in edge support.  Quantum Edge is full surface, adjustable, pocket spring support only found in the Harmony and the Tranquil.  If you have experienced edge roll off in your current mattress you will especially appreciate the edge to edge support of the Quantum Edge feature in the Harmony Luxury Super Pillow Top Mattress.  Call or text to set up an appointment to try out the most advanced luxury mattress on the market today!


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